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Musings of an aspiring Rock 'n Roll super god

Dreams from R'lyeh

Rev. Glenn
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twitter: Son_of_Muspell
facebook: facebook.com/revglenn
myspace: myspace.com/revglenn

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duties: all instruments, some vocals, production

duties: bass, keyboards/programing, drum machines, backing vocals, production

duties: vocals, bass, production

duties: bass, keyboards/programing, drum machines, backing vocals, production

duties: guitar, backing vocals

i have also been a member of The Necronomicomies, Blodhelm, Voight-Kamff, The Defecates, and Spuck.

video game friend codes:

Nintendo Wii
Wii: 4691 1843 8442 8581
The Conduit: 4340-0654-7956
Mario Kart Wii: 2406-6282-7680

Nintendo DS
Mario Kart DS: 201965-028944
Metroid Prime Hunters: 1505-0054-3160
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 2535-7975-8943

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as you may have guest by all the banners for bands i have been in, i am a musician. i'm very passionate about my art and take it very seriously, which is not to be confused with it always being serious. i play a variety of instruments including bass, keyboards, guitar, programming, and some percussion. i am also working on learning theramin. i write and produce, feeling very at home in a studio setting. i also love performing, and try to make a spectacle out of my live shows one way or the other. my musical tastes are extremely wide, from death metal to opera, from industrial to pop, from punk to new age, from old country to old hip hop to folk and everything in between.

i am a graduate from sonoma state university with a degree in psychology.

i am currently working as a substitute teacher for benicia unified school district for which i have taught everything from 1st grade to high school and continuation school.

i am an avid fan of halloween and love carving pumpkins. i wish more people would dress up in scary costumes instead of sexy or funny outfits. people can be sexy or funny all year, but halloween is the only time it's considered ok to be scary.

i love to play video games, but most nights i'd rather be out dancing, drinking, or generally having a good time. i'm a geek, not a nerd. i also dislike rpg video games. there, i said it... i'm the one geek in the world who thinks final fantasy sucks.

i'm politically active, being independent with liberal tenancies but some conservative beliefs. if you follow this journal you'll be able to read every vote i ever make.

i love technology but despise our interdependence on it.

i love horror, science fiction, action, fantasy, and art films.

i'm not the worlds biggest fan of tv, but i do like some shows. i tend to just netflix them instead of watching them actually on tv.

i'm also a beer enthusiast. i generally prefer ales over lagers. my taste changes depending on the weather, the time of year, the time of day and my mood, but overall i prefer dark, rich hearty beers such as stouts, porters, and barleywines. my favorite breweries are anderson valley, stone and unibrau. although beer is my first liquid love i'm also a big fan of wine and am trying to learn more about it.

oh yes, and i am an ordained reverend of the universal life church.

in'm not a christian at all, i just got myself ordained so i could introduce myself as "reverend". actually, while we're on the subject of religion, i'm a pagan. i practice a mix of asatru and druidism.

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